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MobileReference products are delivered as e-books .prc files inside the zipped folder. Unzip the folder to extract the .prc file.

You need to install the Free MobiPocket Reader to read e-books. The MobiPocket Reader was developed by MobiPocket, the company. Please do not confuse .prc books with .prc executable files on Palm OS - they have nothing in common except file extension.

I. MobiPocket Reader Setup.
II. Installation of the Desktop MobiPocket Reader.
III. Setting the default e-books location on your handheld device (main memory, card).
IV. Sending the e-Book to the mobile device.
V. Navigation
VI. Troubleshooting Checklist

I. MobiPocket Reader Setup: Decision flowchart - click on the box to download the Reader

  1. You can install the Reader directly to your handheld. However, we recommend that you install the MobiPocket Desktop Reader first (thick red arrows on the flowchart) from here. (Alternative server: mobireadersetup.msi)
  2. When you connect the handheld to the desktop PC, the MobiPocket Desktop Reader automatically detects the handheld and installs an appropriate software on the handheld.
  3. Open the PRC file from the MobiPocket Desktop Reader. Click the Send button to send the book from the desktop PC to the handheld.
  4. Whenever you connect the handheld to the desktop PC, the MobiPocket Desktop Reader automatically synchronizes the book between the handheld and the desktop PC. You could read half of the book on the handheld, then finish reading on the desktop. Annotations are also synchronized.
  5. Alternative (thin blue arrows on the flowchart - use this method if you do not have a Windows PC or if you want to download the Reader from your handheld over the air): You can download the Free MobiPocket Reader directly to your handheld. Click on this link and select your handheld OS. For older model please go to this page. N.B. for BlackBerry users - you need the Reader 6.0 or later to be able to load eBooks on a memory card.

II. The screen shots below explain how to install the MobiPocket Reader to Your PC:

1. Select the language:

2. Click on Products tab:

3. Select the MobiPocket Reader :

4. Click on the Download button:

5. Click on the Open button:

III. To set e-books default location on your handheld device (main memory, card):

1. On the Desktop MobiPocket Reader click Tools, click Install new device.

2. Select the device.

3. Click on the Edit Properties button.

4. Click on Synchronization tab.

5. Select the e-books location on the handheld.


IV. Sending the e-Book to the mobile device:

Transfer the e-Book file to your Handheld: 1. Open the e-Book with the Desktop MobiPocket Reader; 2. Click the Send button.
(Note: you can also copy e-Books directly to your memory card. Remove the memory card and use a memory card reader to copy the .prc file to eBooks folder. Then reinsert the memory card into the Handheld.)

To access any book on the Handheld, start the MobiPocket Reader on your Handheld, click Menu>Library.


V. Navigation:

  • To return to the Table of Contents from any page, click Menu>Navigate>First Page, or click Go to Start
  • To jump through the links, use the Navigation button up/down.
  • To scroll the pages, use the Navigation button left/right.
  • Large images (maps and illustrations) are scaled to fit the screen. To expand the image, click on the image, or select the image, and click Menu>Zoom 1:1 or View full image
  • Drag maps and illustrations with the stylus (or up/down and left/right buttons).
  • To maximize viewing area (this is especially important for viewing illustrations), please reduce Display Margins: Menu>Options>Margins>Very Small
  • To read a different book from MobiPocket Reader, click Menu>Library, select the book you want to read.
  • To delete the trial version: from MobiPocket Reader, click Menu>Library; select the book you want to delete, click Menu>Delete.

VI. Troubleshooting Checklist

  1. Were you able to install the MobiPocket Reader on the Handheld device? What is MobiPocket Reader version?
  2. Can you read any MobiPocket Reader eBook on the Handheld device?
  3. If you have transferred eBooks to memory card, can you verify that eBooks were copied correctly to the memory card eBooks folder?
  4. What is the eBook size on the Handheld device? Sometimes an incomplete eBook is downloaded to the Handheld. For example, if the Encyclopedia file was incomplete, the Encyclopedia may display the 1st page but will be dysfunctional otherwise. You need to re-download the file.
  5. Did you update the library?

Contact Information:

Please send your questions and comments to
Normally we are able to respond to your email on the same business day.

Please direct questions about the MobiPocket Reader to