Reference volumes include encyclopedias, dictionaries, health guides and manuals in the most convenient, easy-to-use and searchable eBook format.

Mobi Reference

Business Encyclopedia
CIA World Factbook 2011
Cocktails and drinking games
De Grote Nederlandse Encyclopedie (The Big Dutch Encyclopedia)
Den stora Svenska Encyklopdin (The Big Swedish Encyclopedia)
Dictionary - the World's Biggest English Dictionary
Encyclopedia of Law
Encyclopedia of Music
Encyclopedia of Politics
Encyclopedia of World Biography
Encyclopedia of World Cinema
Famous Quotes from 100 Great People
Grande Enciclopèdia Portuguesa (The Big Portuguese Encyclopedia)
Opera Guide: the most famous operas and their composers
The Big Norwegian Encyclopedia
The Big Russian Encyclopedia
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of European Birds
The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of North American Birds
The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of North American Mammals
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of North American Reptiles and Amphibians
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs
Wielka Encyklopedia Polski (The Big Polish Encyclopedia)

Mobi Manuals

How to Find and Download Free eBooks Survival Guide
HTC Droid 4G Survival Guide
HTC Droid Incredible Survival Guide
iPad 2 Survival Guide
iPad Applications for Scientists: Survival Guide
iPad Games for Kids: Survival Guide
iPad Survival Guide
iPhone 4 Survival Guide
iPhone Survival Guide
Kindle Survival Guide
Kobo Survival Guide
Motorola Droid X Survival Guide
Motorola Xoom Survival Guide
Nook Color Survival Guide
Nook Simple Touch Survival Guide
Nook Survival Guide
Samsung Droid Fascinate Survival Guide
Samsung Galaxy Tab Survival Guide
Sony Reader Daily Edition Survival Guide
Switching from PC to Mac Survival Guide

Mobi Spiritual

Christian Books Collection
La Bibbia. Holy Bible. La Bibbia: Antico Testamento e Nuovo Testamento (The Old Testament and The New Testament) (Italian Edition)
La Bible (Ancien et Nouveau Testament) Louis Segond 1910 (French Bible)
Le Coran (French Edition)
Le Koran (French Edition)
Mormon Church's (LDS) Sacred Texts
Russian Bible-Holy Synod Version
Santa Biblia con Ilustraciones (Reina-Valera version, RV 1909) (Spanish Edition)
The Book of Common Prayer
The Holy Bible (American Standard Version, ASV)
The Holy Bible Modern English translation (World English Bible, WEB)
The King James Version (KJV) Holy Bible
The Qur'an (Quran, Koran, Al-Qur'an)
The Tanach or Jewish Bible

Mobi Health

Acupressure Guide
Acupressure Guide For Headache and Migraine Treatment
Art of Love
Art of Palm Reading
Asthma Care and Breathing Exercises Guide
Best Diets, Plans, Recipes and Nutrition
Chinese Astrology
Diabetes Care Pocket Guide
Feng Shui Guide with Auspicious Directions Calculator
First Aid Guide and Home Doctor
Headache and Migraine Care Study Guide